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Just soaking everything in after an utterly amazing show…

sorry i just wanted to contribute my tags

Requesting some help from my fellow Corn Nuts!

So my friend’s birthday is coming up and we’re all going out for it. Does anyone know where the dress Barrett wore to the after party is from (or where I could get one similar)?

I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE online and can’t seem to find it :( I live in the UK so preferably somewhere online and somewhere that will deliver to the UK before 13th September.

Thanks Corn Nuts!

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    Jack's Speech

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    Newsies June 22nd 2014


Today was a very emotional day at newsies. The cast found out as they were singing Happy Trails to Jess and Jeremy that they show was going to close in two months time, a few minutes to places. I didnt notice until after i knew the show was closing (intermission) that the entire cast was on edge. Here is Corey doing Jacks Speech to the scabs.

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